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We’re excited to introduce ProPath, a new approach to live MTT backing. Imagine the best parts of markup and makeup coming together to make your poker journey awesome. Get ready for big chances in tournaments, amazing coaching, lots of support, and no hassle. Here’s what makes ProPath different and how it works.

The Next Step In Your Professional Poker Journey

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Our team reviews your application and stats. If approved, we’ll have you fill out an additional questionnaire and request your hand histories to determine if you are ready.

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After our team evaluates your candidacy, if you have been selected. Our team will send you an offer to join Standard Backing.

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Once we approve your application and hands, you will be welcomed to the team and equipped to step up your game.


Bonus-based Profits

At the heart of ProPath lies the innovative bonus structure. Under ProPath, you will receive a portion of profit, after coaching, upon the completion of 100 entries or a “bonus cycle”.

The bonus cycles eliminates the adversarial nature of markup and lets us truly support your journey and invest in your success


We go beyond financial backing; it’s about YOU and YOUR GAME – for every dollar of action we purchase and that you play, you’ll receive 3% CNCPoker credits.

CNC has some of today’s best players and coaches from live and online doing group sessions – along with affordable 1on1 sessions with coaches focused on identifying the areas YOU need to work on most.

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