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Playing cash game poker and your back’s up against a wall? Standard Backing offers cash game players exclusive rakeback deals, coaching, bankroll, and tools that other backers simply don’t have.

With over a decade of experience helping players win big, we have the tools you need to crush the competition.

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Exclusive Cash Game Benefits

With Standard Backing, take your online poker games to a new level with exclusive benefits, including 1-1 coaching with pros, an endless library of tools and skill-enhancing techniques, and an unlimited bankroll to crush the cash games.

With a simple application, you can receive exclusive benefits from Standard Backing that will help you supercharge your cash game winnings. You can’t find these insights, strategies, exclusive rakeback deals, and funding opportunities anywhere else.

Friendly Deals

  • Start deal 50/50
  • Daily profit chops
  • EOM Cashout Program
  • 2% / 5% Cashouts Program
  • EOY Bonus
  • Extra Rakeback
  • Live tournaments
  • Shot taking during series
  • Limit Assessments quarterly
  • You can go out whenever you’re not in makeup
  • Community of like-minded individuals, discord channels – strategy channels.  Railing in real time / sharing wins & losses with others.

Access Your Earnings Faster

With near-instant profit chops and a 5% cashout program, don’t wait until the end of the month (or the end of a contract) to access the money you’ve earned.

Standard Backing aims to complete profit chops within 24 hours and offers the industry’s only 5% instant cashout program – allowing you to withdraw 5% of any large cash even if it doesn’t clear makeup!


1-1 Coaching With Cash Game Experts

To play like the pros, you need to work with the pros.

Experience 1-1 coaching with Standard Backing’s poker coaches. 

From 2008, Backing Top
worldwide poker talent

We’ve backed 1,000+ players across 50+ countries on 6 continents, investing in $100M+ in their success