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Oferecemos-lhe o próximo ________________________

If you’re interested please reply to this email with your Legal name and Physical address (including House Number, Street Name, City, Country, and Postal Code) and I’ll email you a contract to sign.

Please read the offer carefully before deciding, and let me know if you have any questions.

Cash Game Coaching:

We partner with FormaPoker, you’ll receive:

– Preflop, GTO&Exploits
– Multiway Pots strategy
– Advanced Strategy vs Fishes 

– 4 live lessons with Zippimola
– 4 live lessons with Ethan
– Video library 200h+

– Access to our player discord server, with special channels designated for cash game players.

Coaching focused on MTTs:

Robert “PlayaPlz” Lipkin usually runs monthly group sessions in English, focused on MTTs.

João “lo-fi dream” Leão runs a weekly group session focused on MTTs in Portuguese. 

Grzegorz “Wanderer_Pro” runs 2 weekly group sessions in English.  One is focused on SNGs and one is focused on MTTs.
Henrique “Zanetti89” Zanetti  runs a weekly group session focused on MTTs in Spanish.
In addition, discord server is yours to access and use.

You would be getting 50/50 + makeup.  FPPs, bonuses, freerolls etc. would be included in the deal.

Yearly Commitment Bonus (More details: English Português / Español

We reward players for working hard, and continuing to work with us in the long term.
The bonus rates are:
1% of Gross Profit for the 1st year
3% of Gross Profit for the 2nd year
5% of Gross Profit for the 3rd year

You can quit whenever you’re not in makeup.  If you’re in makeup you can’t quit, unless you (or someone else) buys out your makeup.

We will have an exclusive relationship with you for your poker playing.  This means that while you’re working with us you cannot play anything for anyone else (including yourself) without our explicit, prior permission.

You mentioned that you want to work on  LIST OF SITES
When we start working with cash game players we start them on GGnetwork before adding more sites. Usually that’s after 3-4 months.
Our primary goal is to put you into games where you have a good chance of being consistently profitable in the long term. If at any point we do not have you playing as high as you can consistently beat we cost ourselves money. So do understand that it is in our interests to have you playing as high as you should be.

To increase limits we look at the following:

1) That you’re meeting minimum volume of 30k hands per month on average

2) Your PT4/HEM2 winrates

3) Your 1 on 1 coach reports

4) Seeing that you’re attending individual and group coaching sessions consistently

5) Participating during group sessions / discord groups etc.

6) Studying on your own

We only consider a limit increase after the first 30 days and you can request a limit review once every 45 days thereafter.

We expect you to average 30k hands per month.  

If you don’t meet the 30k average volume requirement over 3 months we will discontinue your 1 on 1 coaching or group access until you play 20k hands in a consecutive 2 week period.

This agreement would include live tournaments.  We do not cover travel, lodging or food expenses associated with live tournaments. 

If there is a live tournament that you want to go to you would need to inform us of it 7+ days in advance and we’d let you know if we’re interested in staking you into that live tournament.

Profit chops occur whenever you’re up 4 buyins OR $100+ in profit (whichever is great).  You could theoretically have a profit chop every day.

Satellites follow the same buy-in guidelines listed underneath “MTTs to Play”.  If you win a seat, you should unregister from the game.  If you will not be able to unregister from the seat (e.g. because the main tournament already started) you should NOT play the satellite.  Satellites that can be played even if they run into the tournament are listed under the “Tickets that can be played if won through these satellites” section.