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The Next Step to be part of Standard Backing

Review offer

Carefully read all the details of the offer and agreement. You can find all the information at the end of this page.

Accept Offer

In case you agree with the offer received. Click on "Accept offer​" to notify our team that you want to be part of Standard Backing.

Sign Contract & Verify your Identity

Once you have accepted the offer, our team will contact you to guide you in the next steps to receive all the documentation required from you.

On boarding process

Once your acceptance and signing of the contract is received. Our team will contact you to give you access and accompany you on your new adventure in Poker with Standard Backing.


This offer is valid until 7 days after you have received your email notification sharing the following offer.

We partner with FormaPoker ( , you’ll receive:

  • nl200+ coaches
  • 5 lessons/month
  • General theory videos
  • MDA with Hand2Note
  • Live sessions up to nl50
  • 2k PioSolver trees
  • 100+ practical lessons library
  • Preflop GTO up to nl100
  • Advances HUD
  • Mental Game
  • Flopzilla, Multiway, Fishes, etc.

You would be getting 50/50 + makeup.  FPPs, bonuses, freerolls etc. would be included in the deal.

5% Instant Cashout  (More details:  English / Português / Español)   

You can withdraw 5% of any large cashes if  you are still in makeup after the large cash (pending verification).  Any cash for 100+ Buyins at any buyin level qualifies.

Yearly Commitment Bonus (More details: English Português / Español

We reward players for working hard, and continuing to work with us in the long term.
The bonus rates are:
1% of Gross Profit for the 1st year
3% of Gross Profit for the 2nd year
5% of Gross Profit for the 3rd year

You can quit whenever you’re not in makeup.  If you’re in makeup you can’t quit, unless you (or someone else) buys out your makeup.


We will have an exclusive relationship with you for your poker playing.  This means that while you’re working with us you cannot play anything for anyone else (including yourself) without our explicit, prior permission.


We expect you to average 30k hands per month.

If you don’t meet the 30k average volume requirement over 3 months we will discontinue your 1 on 1 coaching or group access until you play 20k hands in a consecutive 2 week period.

This agreement would include live tournaments.  We do not cover travel, lodging or food expenses associated with live tournaments. 

If there is a live tournament that you want to go to you would need to inform us of it 7+ days in advance and we’d let you know if we’re interested in staking you into that live tournament.

Profit chops occur whenever you’re up 4 buyins OR $100+ in profit (whichever is great).  You could theoretically have a profit chop every day.

Satellites follow the same buy-in guidelines listed underneath “MTTs to Play”.  If you win a seat, you should unregister from the game.  If you will not be able to unregister from the seat (e.g. because the main tournament already started) you should NOT play the satellite.  Satellites that can be played even if they run into the tournament are listed under the “Tickets that can be played if won through these satellites” section.

We’ve been backing players since 2009 and have backed many players over the years, if you’d like to talk to current or former players I’ll be happy to set that up (let me know).

Standard Backing Team,