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Sign Contract & Verify your Identity

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On boarding process

Once your acceptance and signing of the contract is received. Our team will contact you to give you access and accompany you on your new adventure in Poker with Standard Backing.


This offer is valid until 7 days after you have received your email notification sharing the following offer.

Let’s assume you play 100 entries at a $500 ABI = $50k in buyins and cash for $120k and use all of the coaching credits ($1.5k)

Profit would be calculated as $120k cashes – $50k buyins – $1.5k coaching credits = $68.5k profit x 20% bonus = $13.7k bonus for you

All action bought at face value (1.00)

Bonus would be released after 100 entries are played (see ending early below).

You have 18 months to play 100 entries, the 18-months is a rolling time period.  An entry (and is results) is no longer counted towards the 100 after 18 months.

If there’s no profit after 100 entries you can choose to replace the 101st entry for the 1st (and so on) until there is a profit or you can choose to do a new contract / new bonus run.

We will have an exclusive relationship with you for your poker playing.  This means that while you’re working with us you cannot play anything for anyone else (including yourself) without our explicit, prior permission.

For a tournament to count as an entry at least 25% of it must be offered to us (we can choose to take less, but it’d still count, but if we choose 0% it would not count).  You can sell us a maximum of 100% of a tournament – in this case you wouldn’t be able to sell to anyone else (including yourself).

Once an tournament is sold it cannot be renegotiated or %s changed.

You can end the deal at any point, but you’d only receive a pro-rated amount of the bonus. 

So if you quit after 60% of entries are played you’d only receive a 60% of the bonus.

You’re not required to sell any entries to us.

You’ll receive 3% of the action we buy (and is played) in CNC coaching credits, that can be used however you want on their platform.

The way the deal will generally work is like this: You email us at [email protected] with the details of the events (Including a link) you want to sell and how much you’re looking to sell. We usually make a whatsapp group in order to facilitate communication. 

Looking to sell 50% of  4 entries into the $500 Reunion
We’d reply with something like the following that’d include the markup for each event:
We’ll take 50% @ 1.00 of all entries = $1k
You’d agree to take the offer (or reject it).  If you accept the offer we’d then discuss how to get you the funds. If you reject the offer then we’ll have no claim on the entries and you can fund the event in any way you want.

1) The contract covers the events listed in Appendix A of the contract.  If you decide to sell us action in other live MTTs in the future it would cover those MTTs as well (we’d agree to it in writing via email).

2) As part of the contract process we will run a background and credit check. For which we may need additional information

2) You need to let us know the results of the tournament within 24 hours of completion.  You’ll need to provide the receipts, if you can’t provide a receipt (for any reason) you’ll need to repay us the buyin to the tournament.

3) If you sell action in the agreed upon tournaments to anyone else (including yourself) you need to let us know.

4) You need to return any funds due to us within 7 days of the event completion.

5) If you’re planning on playing more than 1 entry for any event please let us know beforehand, but even if you don’t tell us this contract will cover any subsequent entries in the same event as well.

6) In last-minute events we may not have enough time to get you the funds.  In those cases we will get you the funds after the event is over.  If you cash in the event you would still owe us our share.  If you don’t cash we’ll send you our share of the buyin.

Q: How do deals at Final Tables work?
A: It’s up to you.  We’ll likely be available to advise on whether a particular deal is a good deal, but generally it’s up to you.

Q: How do re-entries work?
A:  We prefer to agree to all re-entries ahead of time so that we’re on the same page.  But once you sell 1 entry to us, it’s assumed that we’re going to have the same percentage of all subsequent entries.  This is to avoid confusion over whether a re-entry was included or not.  We generally do advise players that re-entering under 30bb is probably -ev.

Q: How will I get the funds to play?
A: It depends on the events but either Zelle, or cash at the event if we have someone there. Depending on amount possibly we’d send a wire.

Q: How will I send back winnings or unused funds?
A: It depends on the amounts, but either Zelle, or cash at the event if we have someone there.  Depending on amount possibly we’d ask you to send a wire or deposit a cashier’s check into our account.

Q: If a tournament has extra non-monetary prizes how are those split (e.g. a car, entry to another tournament, player of series award, gold bracelet)?
A: Typically we’ll get a prorated amount of what we bought, unless it’s something like a WSOP bracelet.  So if we bought 50% of action and you win a $50k car you’d owe us $25k.  If you win an entry to another tournament, we would get the same % of the entry you won as the tournament you won it in.

Q: Is there any coaching included with this agreement?
A: We’ll commit 3% of the staked funds towards coaching.  Coaching credits start accruing immediately but will not be accessible until you sell and play through $5k+ of staked funds.  Coaching credits will get released in $50 increments. Once you sell us and play through 50 entries we’ll also let you access our weekly group sessions for the next 12 months. Your options for using the coaching credits will be either setting up 1 on 1 sessions with Standard Backing coaches  Or you can use the credits on group or 1 on1 sessions on
Q: How do I use the coaching credits?
A: Your options for using the coaching credits will be either setting up 1 on 1 sessions with the Standard Backing coaches  Or you can use the credits on sessions done by

Standard Backing Team,