Poker Training from the Pros

Standard Backing offers one-on-one and group poker coaching to those who are ready to take their game to the next level. Our poker training programs are aimed at players looking for mentorship, feedback, and analysis on all aspects of their game.

Coaching How You Want It

With both 1-1 and group coaching sessions, our coaches are here to help you learn new techniques and enhance your poker skills.

1-1 Coaching

Our coaches are here to offer you personal poker training tailored to your individual needs. Our pros players have a wealth of experience at all levels of play and will work with you to understand YOUR leaks and make sure that you’re applying the concepts you learn correctly. Watching videos and participating in a group session are great learning tools – but having someone review how you apply those concepts in-game is priceless. 

Group Coaching

Along with the 1-1 coaching, you can join one of our group poker training sessions run by our coaches. These group coaching sessions will help you learn from others and show you the techniques to help you keep advancing your game to stay ahead of the competition.

Our Poker Coaches

Standard Backing’s coaches – aside from being consistent winners in today’s games – have spent countless hours learning the best methods for teaching and helping players just like you.  We ensure that coaching is targeted towards the areas and techniques that are proven to help players succeed at their limits.

We screen, evaluate, and ensure that our coaches provide high-quality and highly targeted coaching geared towards beating each player’s limits and enhancing their existing skill-set.

We are one of the few poker coaching teams to provide coaching in a variety of languages.

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Want to Become a Standard Backing Coach?

One of the best ways to get better as a poker player is to teach others. If you have a knack for winning and a willingness to help other players, contact the Standard Backing team to learn more about how you can bring your skills to the table.

Apply to Learn from Top Poker Players

Want to take advantage of these exclusive coaching opportunities? The first step is to apply. The Standard Backing application process is fast and easy, and our team reviews applications daily. Click below to learn more and apply with Standard Backing today!