We are looking for poker content blog writers

Write for us

We are looking for poker content for our blog, if you think you are good at writing this may be a great opportunity for you to generate extra income.

We are paying $25 per blog (750 words minimum):

Minimum / Target Criteria to be published:

  • Min 750 words
  • No HH/strategy discussions
  • On a topic of your choosing, but we’re looking for something that’ll still be interesting 6-12 months from now
  • Preferred topics on the “how” to be a pro. Things that you know as a pro, but that no one writes about.  Examples: How to use HUD at GG, Rake differentials between sites, How to deal with variance, How important is the support of the family, etc.
  • Contrarian opinions preferred (if you’re writing an opinion piece)
  • No plagiarism
Terms and conditions
    • Submit headline(s), if topic(s) is approved we’d be interested in purchasing content on that topic.
    • You will get paid if we accept the completed (min 750 words) blog for future publishing
    • Once you get paid, copyrights become the property of Standard Backing.
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