5% Instant Cash out Program

by Luis Torrealba – 08.13.20

5% Instant Cash out Program

Keeping our players motivated plays a fundamental role in our guidelines as a successful Poker Backing stable, that is why we are constantly looking for new ways to benefit our players. One of them is our 5% INSTANT CASHOUT PROGRAM which allows withdrawing 5% of any large cash EVEN IF it doesn’t clear makeup.

Makeup is money that a player loses while being staked. What that means is the player needs to win back that amount before future profits are split.

How does it work?

Any cash for 100+ Buy-ins at any buy-in level would qualify for a 5% Instant Cash out:

  • $5.50 = $550+ min-cash to qualify
  • $11 = $1.1k+ min-cash to qualify
  • $55 = $5.5k+ min-cash to qualify
  • $109 = $10.9k+ min-cash to qualify
  • $215 = $21.5k+ min-cash to qualify


Let’s assume that a player who plays a $10.50 MTT and cash for $1,855.46 but it isn’t clear up the total of the makeup.
  • $1,855.46 / $10.50 = x177 times the buy-in.

This cash qualifies for a 5% instant cash out ✅

  • $1,855.46 x 5% = $92.80

The player will be able to withdraw $92.8 despite he is still in makeup.

$92.80 will be added to his makeup to keep the 50/50 deal, once he makes the withdrawal.

We are looking forward to working with you.
Best regards,

The Standard Backing team.


We review all applications carefully and
reply to all applications within 5 business days.