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Pavol “Rytmusego” Macejka

Playing mtts since 2016 professionally. Started as micro player (sngs+ntts) and slowly grind my way up to mid-high stakes.
Im very kind, honest, obssesed hard working guy.
I love strategy aspect of a game and daily hustle around poker, i believe in hard work always compare talent , there is not talent without hard work.
I have been coached in 2 years by lots excellent poker players as PlayaPlz, Stubastian, Bah23, BanicIvan etc.
My main approach to coaching is to show students what it takes to get there and chase their dreams through hard work. I have been showing on monthly
bases excellent winrates for couple of years.My current goals are to continue to grow as mtt player and becoming best as possible (at some point one of
the best – without doubts)

He is fluent in Slovak 🇸🇰, Czech 🇨🇿 & English 🇬🇧

Games & Limits coached
$11 - $
Hourly rate
$ 25 / Hour
+$ 0 k

“I really like to work with Pavol – very organized, effective and pleasant to work with.”

Standard Backing | Professional Poker Stacking & Coaching


March, 2020