Top scores of the Week: Tinchogava debuting in a big way

Top scores of the Weekend

Mon 17 to Sun 23 August, 2020

It has been a very productive week for our players and coaches, these are the TOP 5 scores of the past week.

Huge congratulations to Tinchogava who in his first week working with us managed to take down the $55 – The Gladiator: $ 100K Gtd from Partypoker for $12,170 not to mention a $1,050 WPT ticket.

We wanted to talk with him about this victory and what it represents for our ever-growing group of latin players!


Interview with Tinchogava

Who is Tinchovaga? Tell us about yourself.

R: I am Martín Gavasci, I am 30 years old, I am from Mendoza, Argentina. I studied Computer Engineering and I worked for a while doing Systems Development, although I was not able to receive it. I played basketball practically my whole life, until I was 27 years old, at which point I decided to dedicate myself to poker.

Since when have you been a professional poker player?

R: I have been in poker since 2017. In May of that year I decided to put my studies aside to start this. For about a year, I worked in computer science, and I spent much of the time in poker. I started playing cash, micro limits, and mixing some tournaments. In September 2017 I was able to access a backing agreement that helped me a lot to grow at a technical level. Then I had the possibility to access a personalized deal with a great player, Leandro Csome, that helped me grow much more and learn great things. As of May 2018, I left my job and began to dedicate myself full time to poker.

Why did you decide to play backed?

R: In the 3 years that I have been playing poker, I have always been backed. I have had really hard times, but I have tried to take them in the best way, and learn everything I can about it. What led me to choose to play backed is the fact of having the support and the peace of mind of having the funds available to reach the volume that I consider necessary to be able to obtain a certain profitability, today I am not in a financial position to do it on my own. , and the team offers me that support. In addition, knowing that I am at a stage in which I have a lot to learn, and with great desires and growth prospects, a variable that was very important as having access to group and personalized classes with great players, that is something immensely Important for me.

You have less than a week in the team and you already managed to nail a tournament like this, what happened there? Tell us about this victory.

Wow, that was amazing. It is my first 5-figure collection, I don’t think I know very well what happened. Sundays are nice but hard at the same time. I was about to not open this tournament, generally, the format is 6-max KO, but I decided to play it, apparently, they have changed the table size to 7-max. The tournament went well in general, I did ITM without many problems luckily, then 80 left I had some hard spots that left me with 7 bbs, luckily I was able to recover a healthy stack and enter the final stretch of the tournament with about 35 bbs.

The bubble was relatively short, a bit difficult because I was with stacks between 12 and 19 bbs, I had a good spot to enter FT opening AcTx from EP 18 bbs in the 4-handed bubble that defended BB, flop Rc9c3x, BB playing check and me betting almost pot to leverage or push turn, and the villain shoved T8xx and the runout helped.

Do you remember a memorable hand from the tournament?

I think the most memorable hand is one that is 4-handed in FT being 1/4 vs a loose player where he opens vs BB (20bb) and SB (15bb), I in BU choose to cold call 33, flop 326dd check from the villain, bet 40%, call, the turn is the 2h that opens 2nd FD, villain’s check, I bet 50%, villain shoved ATdd and snapped, that hand allowed me to break a bubble that was for 3 tickets of 1k for WPT, a significant pay jump, the bounty of that player and be with an advantage of almost 4: 1 on the 2nd. Fortunately, things turned out in the best way.

The fact of having the support and confidence to be part of the team helps a lot, I am happy to have started this way, but I would just like to take it as the beginning of a nice stage.

What are your goals/expectations for the rest of the year?

R: My main objective is to create a sustained growth plan, generating study habits and acquiring solid knowledge and foundations to be able to give my game a quality leap, and thus be able to scale stakes, I want to reach a well-consolidated theoretical base to be able to be competitive at the next levels. In parallel, an important goal is a consistency in the game, maintaining a good volume of play is essential for me. My expectations are on growth as a player.

Thank you for the interview!
Good luck at the tables


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