ProPath: A new Path for Live MTTs Backing

We’re proud to introduce our new live MTT backing deal, called ProPath, to fit what we think is a big need in the live poker community.  ProPath takes the best elements from both markup and makeup, seamlessly combined to offer unparalleled advantages for players. Let’s delve into the essence of ProPath and what sets it apart from the traditional models.

The ProPath Structure

Bonus-based Profits: At the heart of ProPath lies the innovative bonus structure. Under ProPath, you will receive a portion of profit, after coaching, upon the completion of 100 entries or a “bonus cycle”.

Markup Simplified: the complexity of markup negotiations is eliminated. All your tournament action is purchased at face value. This straightforward approach fosters cooperation and minimizes friction in our relationship.  

Bonus Cycle: To unlock your bonus, you commit to playing 100 entries within a span of 18 months. This rolling time period gives you plenty of opportunity to complete the full cycle, while also ensuring that potential losses remain manageable and easily overcome by big scores.

Time Limit: The 18-month window for completing 100 entries is a rolling time period. This means that once an entry is 18 months old, it no longer contributes to the 100-entry requirement. If no profit is realized after playing 100 entries, you have the option to continue on the same bonus cycle and replace the 1st entry with the 101st entry (and so on) until you achieve profitability or you start a new contract.

Minimum % Sold to Count as Entry: For a tournament to be counted as one of your 100 entries, at least 25% of its action must be offered to Standard Backing (we can choose to take less).

You can sell us up to a maximum of 100% of a tournament.

Quitting Early: While ProPath is designed for a long-term commitment, we understand that circumstances can change. If you choose to end the deal before completing 100 entries, you’ll receive a prorated portion of the bonus.

No Obligation to Sell: We respect your autonomy. Under ProPath, you’re not obliged to sell any entries to Standard Backing. You retain the freedom to make decisions that align with your journey and circumstances.

CNC Poker Coaching & Community

Coaching & Rewards: ProPath goes beyond financial backing – for every dollar of action we purchase and that you play, you’ll receive 3% CNCpoker credits. CNCpoker has some of today’s best players and coaches from live and online doing group sessions – they also have affordable 1on1 sessions with coaches focused on identifying the areas YOU need to work on most

Why Players Should be Excited about ProPath

The ProPath structure is designed to create a cooperative ecosystem that maximizes the benefits for both players and backers. By blending the best elements of markup and makeup, ProPath offers a transparent, collaborative, and growth-oriented backing model.

Collaboration: ProPath eliminates the adversarial nature of markup negotiations (where stakers only win by underpaying players). Players and backers now unite toward a common goal, fostering a supportive environment for growth and allowing us to invest significantly in furthering your poker career.

More Equity: ProPath ensures that you retain substantial equity in every tournament you play, regardless of how much of it you sell or at what markup. ProPath also allows players to sell up to 100% of the entries – while retaining significant equity in the tournament, something not possible with a markup-only model.

Coach and Conquer: ProPath doesn’t just give you a financial stake; it invests in your development. With 3% coaching credits to the most advanced coaching site featuring todays top coaches, you’re equipped with the tools to continuously hone your skills and evolve as a player.

Flexibility: We understand that circumstances change. ProPath respects your choices, offering a pro-rated bonus even if you choose to exit early, preserving fairness. Once you’ve played 100 entries (and haven’t cleared a bonus) you can continue on the same bonus cycle – reducing the time to achieve a profit.

“It’s a good way of doing things for sure. That’s why you guys are some of the best in the business because you are always trying to find ways to improve things!”

Jamie O’Connor

The Math

ProPath gives you more profit and more coaching. 

Taking a $1k MTT as an example, where you want to spend $250 on your equity:

Under Propath with a 25% Bonus if you want to spend $250 you’d sell us 75% of the tournament and get 43.75% of the equity (25% of 75% = 18.75% + 25% for the $250 you spend) + $22.50 in coaching. You’re just not accessing that equity till the entries are played out.

Rob Van Hoose

How to join ProPath

Apply Online

The ProPath starts with just one click. Start the process right now with our fast and easy online application by clicking here.

You’re In

Our team reviews your application and stats. If approved, we’ll have you fill out an additional questionnaire, and do an evaluation session to determine if you are ready.

Enjoy Staking

Once we sign a contract you’ll be welcomed to the team and equipped to step up your game.

A Reliable Partner

It’s not easy to find enough money to play the games you want on the short notice that you sometimes require. This means more stress with stakers, less trips, and less winning at tournaments. With ProPath you can trust that we have your back with reliable staking funds and the resources you need.


We eliminate the hassle of having to chase down buyers for action sold, and keeping track of countless small pieces when cashing. There is no more tedious “hassle factor” in your poker career, as our team will work with you directly to make sure you know exactly where you stand and to make the process as quick and painless as possible.

In Conclusion: A New Horizon Beckons

ProPath provides a model that elevates the player experience, nurtures growth, and redefines the dynamics between players and backers. Welcome to ProPath – a new era of poker backing awaits! 

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