Consistently improve your game with one-on-one poker coaching

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Poker is an incredibly competitive game and consistently winning has always been an arduous task. 

At Standard Backing, we believe that the constant improvement of our players is a benefit of all, and so we offer free individual coaching for our players: no additional make-up, no fees, no hidden costs. Free! This is a unique and specific feature that sets us apart from all other staking groups.

With a team of poker coaches made up of experienced players, successful, and fluent in English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Romanian, and Russian, we are able to offer a high quality coaching tailored to each player’s needs.

Each session the player and their coach choose which topics will be covered and work on them. These topics are reviewed again in the next session, and this ensures assertive and personalized feedback to each player’s style. This iterative process  leads to better results over time while ensuring that the players we work with are always on the cutting edge of new developments within poker strategy.  .There are more than 20 coaches, and we are always adding more successful professionals.  As a result, as you grow in your knowledge and understanding of the game (and limits), we can move you to coaches who have more experience in more advanced strategies and higher limits.

Standard Backing is a team made up of a community of players who, like you, are focused on winning.

In addition to free individual coaching we also offer our players:

  • Cashout your profit immediately (usually within 24 hours).
  • Year end bonuses, that increase player cuts beyond 50% the more you work with us.
  • No withholding of profit.
  • Extra rakeback on some sites
  • 2% / 5% cashouts in makeup – Earn cashouts even if you´re losing

No other staking group offers so many advantages.

Come join our team!

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