What is staking and why should I join a team to play poker?

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Maybe that’s not even the best question to run this article, but rather, “why, as a winning player, may I  reduce my income and share my earnings with an investor?”, or even “why would anyone trust me with their money to play poker?”

If you’ve ever asked yourself that question, know you’re not alone! For those unfamiliar with the concept of poker stables it seems rather strange, but players who have already joined a team know that there are a number of advantages and opportunities that I would not have achieved if I did not have this support.

Playing backed

Imagine that you are already a good tournament player who wants to win, say, GGMasters High Rollers, but has no way to pay the buy-in of $1,050? Or if you want to win WSOP online and do not have a buy-in of $10,000?

Poker staking is an agreement relationship between players and an investor, in which the investor “finances” the bet and receives part of the player’s winnings in return.

This happens all the time and all over the world for both MTTs and Cash Games. Even some of the biggest professional players have deals that allow them to win seats at prestigious events with five- and six-figure buy-ins.

Typically, investors select team candidates in a very simple way. The candidate to receive this type of support, usually goes through a selection process, where they evaluate, among other issues, their performance and game history. Once the player is profiled, investors analyze the best opportunities and direct, together with the coaches, to rooms and tournaments with the best chance of winning for everyone.

And, very commonly, investors are players and entrepreneurs already established and recognized in the market, which comes the opportunity to offer an organized and well-managed structure so that everyone can evolve in poker and win together, and that is the first advantage of being part of a team: everyone is focused on winning!

Security, tranquility and coaching

Playing without directly compromising your income also relieves pressure and helps you deal with variations and play with less pressure. Of course, this isn’t as easy as it sounds, and sometimes losing the investor’s money hurts as much if the amount invested had come out of your pocket. Currently almost all contracts have a make-up clause, which means you need to get the investor’s money back before you make a profit. However, this is not the goal of the investor, and to prevent this from happening consistently and end up bringing losses rather than gains for both the player and the association, the best teams have a proper training and coaching support structure.

Knowing the rules of poker is easy but understanding the potential of good hands and ranges and how to bet the chips to maximize pot and increase your ROI is something quite different and this is where the coaching makes the difference.

The best and greatest poker teams have a group of coaches, players with great track records of wins and achievements, who master and know the nuances and strategies of poker. These players act training and developing players so that they have a clearer, more strategic and more efficient view of the game.

This is a bonus that will always stay with you, after all, knowledge is forever! In addition, both your coach and your investors will help you understand which rooms, variants and formats are the most suitable and profitable according to your profile.

Poker is a business...

… and usually succeeding in the business world is something that is not done alone, but with genuine and true partnerships and friendships. Being part of a team allows you to create friendships and exchange experiences with other people who, like you, see that poker in addition to being one of the best and most enjoyable games in the world is a profession!


This whole structure of “poker backing” aims to increase your winnings and your growth as a player, and this support is especially important because as you evolve, you can play at higher levels and with all the necessary security, monitoring and training so that you can realize your full potential and achieve your goals.

If you’re already an established champion in your current stake, you may have thought of this: “how can I train, be better, and increase my poker winnings?” If that’s your case, you think like us, and playing on a team is one of the best decisions you make!

Standard Backing offers the best % for players, with no holds on winnings, plus free individual training, with expert coaches who are fluent in multiple languages. In addition to the support of the coaches, you have access to the team’s player community, with people from all over the world who focus, like you, on winning and being the best poker players.

What are you waiting for? Sign up and join our team.

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